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"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse 

Vuvoi is a West African name from the ancient Nok terracotta culture that means " Courage, heart". 

For centuries, the best art in the world was reserved for the most elite and displayed in museums for connoisseurs, not accessible by the common art lover.

So, You are here at an opportune moment in history. 

We understand the "courage and heart" it takes for creative people - especially artists to share their art with the world. 

We understand the risks creators take by sharing their inner most feelings, passions and creativity with a critical world- yet they do. That takes courage.  

Therefore Vuvoi's mission is to reward this courage with commercial viability for artists through providing another medium for creative expression - apparel. 

 VuVoi is more than a clothing brand, it is an artful fashion movement. VuVoi is for rule benders who take pride in the quality and minuscule details of their appearance.

VuVoi t-shirts are to the eyes, what music is to the ears. We can’t help but imagine the stir you might cause when you are adorned in one of our limited VuVoi pieces on you.

But why would you cause a stir?

Well, because very few people know what you know. That the perfect canvas is not the kind you see every day.

And when you find that perfect piece, don’t you want to share it with the world? Shout it from the rooftops? Have everyone around you experience the same emotions you feel when gazing upon that perfectpiece?




VuVoi Logo in multi color This is the intersection of art and  fashion -transforming your wardrobe into the conversation pieces created by the most talented artists from Africa.

Which is why VuVoi has curated a selection of limited edition t-shirts that feature vivid colors, abstract details, and the deep messaging behind the amazing works of these talented artists.

If you are bold, your style is unique, and if you enjoy creative, and authentic expression through art, then you are in the exact right place.

Artists, your work of art is one click away, and you'll join our tribe to spread the magic of incredible art from Africa to the rest of the world.


We take pride in the legwork it takes to find the perfect art, you will take pride for less complicated reasons. Because the shirts look good. Just be prepared for everyone around you to stare at the art on the front of your shirt when you wear it.

We seek to expand available revenue sources for creative talents we work with.  Additionally, we leverage existing avenues and channels that nurture upcoming creatives across Africa and in globally underexposed communities.