About Us

Vuvoi is a West African name from the ancient Nok terracotta culture that means " Courage, heart". We understand the "courage and heart" it takes for creative people - especially artists to share their art with the world. We understand the risks creators take by sharing their inner most feelings, passions and creativity with a critical world- yet they do. That takes courage.  Therefore Vuvoi's mission is to reward this courage with commercial viability for artists through providing another medium for creative expression - apparel.
VuVoi is more than a clothing brand, it is an artful fashion movement. VuVoi is the intersection of art and fashion - transforming your wardrobe into the conversation pieces created by the most talented artists around the world. If you are bold, your style is unique, and i enjoy creative, and authentic expression of your style, then you are in the exact right place. We are excited to go on this journey with you.