Featured Artist - Marryam Moma

VuVoi is excited to work with Marryam Moma, a Tanzanian-Nigerian artist based in Atlanta with a passion for interdisciplinary art, with an emphasis on collages. We are intrigued with her art form and her use of art to speak about social issues.  Enjoy the interview and shop her collection at VuVoi

VuVoi: Hello Marryam, we are so excited to be working together ! Could  you tell us a little more about yourself? and a little bit about your background? 

MM: My name is Marryam Moma, I am a Tanzanian- Nigerian based in Atlanta.I earned a bachelor's degree in architecture from the Tyler School of Art, at Temple University in Philadelphia. Architecture helped me develop my style and the artistic decisions I make around light, colour, texture and balance.

VuVoi: It’s exciting to see the connection between art and architecture. so do you have any other influences?

MM: The clarity and execution I  achieve with the pieces I create also reflects my applied strengths from a background in Architecture. . As for influences, when people ask me who my main influences are---it's hard to name just a few. But I'd start with Frank Lloyd Wright, Kara Walker, and Lorna Simpson 

VuVoi: Why collage art?

MM:The thing about collaging is that it melds a palette of repurposed pieces together into fresh, layered imagery with new associations and meanings that engage the subconscious. That's one of the things I’ve always loved about it. The process of deconstructing images and then re-integrating them to create something completely new has always fascinated me. This ongoing process is a visual experiment that I enjoy

 I am intrigued with collage as a medium, especially as a way to examine faith and higher consciousness. This intrigue has followed me through my entire educational career and I’ve always wanted to celebrate the human form and reinforce ideas about individuality and self love, which is what I aim to achieve with my work. Colour, texture, shape, space and more come into play when I create collages.

VuVoi: I know your work is quite sought after, what are some of the collaborations that you’ve been a part of recently?

MM:More recently, my work has been featured at a range of galleries and exhibitions. You can find some of my collages in the Starbucks permanent art collection within their Jonesboro, GA store. I've also had my work exhibited online at SHOWFIELDS in Kai Lin Art Gallery, GA Zucot Gallery, Mason Fine Art, GA, Facet Gallery, MINT Gallery and many more. One of the highlights of my career so far was being featured at PRIZM Art Fair during the MIami Art Basel 2019. I have my work at a number of different studios and internationally, I'm also proud to have shown my work in my homelands of Nigeria and Tanzania.

VuVoi:  So what drives your creativity?

MM: My mission is to empower and uplift the black body, that's at the core of all my art practice, especially the black female body. I want to unveil the magic within this race of people in a way that breaks collective contemporary stereotypes. It's my goal to change perceptions of black women. In a positive way. I want to allow society to discover her beauty and value, to appreciate and celebrate her. A long-term goal is to create an art platform that is focused on reaching children in under-served communities in order to help stimulate and encourage artistic expression.

VuVoi: That is so amazing, it’s really beautiful to see that you are using this to draw attention to social issues. Can you describe your creation process?

MM: Each of my collages begin with a premise. Sometimes inspired by treasured memories. Sometimes history, simply an evocative piece of paper. Drawing on my influences from a wide range of inspirations (like architecture, music, fashion, nature and culture), I create collages within a rigorous subtractive process that is layered, detailed, textured and earthy while remaining minimalist. I like to think of my work like a mystery. Something that evolves one piece at a time. I'll work over every piece and continue to edit until I feel it's complete. My design process melds palettes of recycled pieces together into fresh, layered imagery that invite the viewer to spark dialog and really think about things in new ways.

VuVoi: Any final thoughts?

MM: In addition to changing the dynamics of how the black body is viewed, I intend to use my art to raise awareness and spark discussion about racial reconciliation and gender equality.

VuVoi: It’s been a great speaking with you and we are excited to have you on board VuVoi.

MM:Same here, I am extremely excited to be on board and I look forward to working with you and your team!



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